The Wedding Stationery Essentials Guide

Your Wedding Stationery is arguably one of the most important parts of your special day, as it helps you communicate essential information to your guests. You might be wondering what kind of Wedding Stationery you really need for your wedding – so here’s a list of all the essentials you’ll need for your big day.

1. Wedding Invitation

Of course the most important piece of Wedding Stationery you’ll need is your Wedding Invitation. Depending on your budget, you might have to decide between e-invites and physical copies, as well as the level of customisation you would like. Your Wedding Invitation will contain all the key information you would need to relay to your guests, such as the date & venue of your wedding, as well as RSVP details.

Pre-Designed Invitations for the chic and budget-conscious couples

Semi-Customised Invitations for those who want a little personalised touch

Bespoke Invitations for couples looking for a unique and exclusive design

2. Map Illustration 

Adding “Getting There” information and a Map Illustration in your Wedding Invitation will be well appreciated by your guests, especially if the location is “ulu” or less well-known. Map Illustrations are also so elegant and offer great aesthetic value to your Wedding Invitation, so what’s there not to love about it!

3. Wedding Programme

Having a Wedding Programme would help your guests know what to expect on the day itself. You can either have the Wedding Programme sent as a digital copy, or have it printed together with your Wedding Invitations! A Wedding Programme would be particularly useful if your wedding takes place at multiple locations (e.g. solemnisation at a church, followed by a banquet at a hotel).

4. Wedding Vow Cards

Vows are literally one of the most important promises you will make in your life! Well, you could type them and read them out from your phone… or you could get beautiful Vow Cards that will complement your on-the-day decor.

Vow Cards are the perfect way to keep the vows you make to your significant other, and are a timeless keepsake to cherish your heartfelt vows forever.

5. Place Cards

Place Cards will be extremely helpful in letting your guests know where to sit during the banquet. Place Card designs can be customised to match the rest of your Wedding Stationery so that you have a seamless theme across all your stationery.

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