6 Things You Need to Include in Your Wedding Invitations

Not sure what to include in your wedding invitation? This guide will come in handy in helping you ensure your guests have all the information they need to come celebrate your special day. Here’s exactly what to include in your wedding invitations.

1. Names of the Hosts or Parents
Singapore Wedding Invitations typically start with an invitation line, such as “Together with…” followed by the names of the hosts (either your parents’ names spelled in full, or just “our families”). The invitational line is followed by a request line, such as “Invite you to share in our joy as we enter into Holy Matrimony”.

2. Names of the Couple
The most important thing that needs to stand out is definitely your names! It’s entirely up to you whether you want to include your surnames as well. 

3.  Date & Time of the Wedding
Next, it’s time to give the deets! State the date and time of your wedding. Avoid latecomers by including what time guests should be seated by. On formal invitations, you may choose to write out the time rather than using numerals (for example: four o’clock in the afternoon).

4. Venue of Wedding
Ensure that you include the official name(s) of your wedding (whether your ceremony and banquet are taking place at the same place or different locations).  Be sure to include the address of the venue as well so that guests are absolutely clear on where your wedding will be held!

5. Dress Code
An optional piece of detail is your dress code, such as Casual Attire or Semi Formal Attire. 

Finally, remember to let your guests know how you’d like them to RSVP, e.g. via text message or a website.

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We get it, wedding planning is stressful! Don’t worry, we got you.

 This guide will come in handy in helping you ensure your guests have all the information they need.

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